How To Tighten Your Loose Vagina After Giving Birth

How Does Childbirth Causes A Loose Vagina?

During the process of natural birth, the baby passes through the cervix and out of the birth canal. The vaginal entrance stretches to accommodate the passage of the baby.

After a while the vagina should contract back to the original size. Sometimes the vagina fails to contract and hence the term a loose vagina.

The longer the labor period the higher the chances of having a loose vagina.

Stretched Vag Symptoms After Giving Birth

  • You have a lot of difficulty holding urine in. There will be urine leakage when you cough, sneeze, or laugh really hard.
  • Insertion of three or more fingers into the vagina with little or no resistance. This is a great indicator the vaginal walls have become very loose.
  • You need to insert larger objects that you use in order to feel arousal and stimulation.
  • After you are finished being aroused or stimulated and the vagina doesn’t contract.
  • If you can insert your index finger into the vag and find it difficult to hold the walls together.

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Sexual Indicators Of Sagging Vaginal Walls

  • Less Sexual Sensation – You will notice a significant change in the level of sensation that you feel during sex. Before your partner’s size didn’t matter, but because your vagina has become loose you find their size ineffective at arousing your body. Most women will find it extremely difficult to reach orgasm.
  • Your Partner Is No Longer Satisfied – With a looser feeling vagina, your partner will not feel the same sensation as they did before. This may caused them to loose interest or be unsatisfied during sexual activities.
  • Decreased Interest From Your Partner – If let go long enough, your partner will tend to shy away from intercourse because they know they won’t feel the same level of satisfaction they are used to.

Natural Cures to Tighten the Vagina after Birth

V-Tight Gel Is A Quick And Easy At Home Solution

Using all natural V-Tight Gel will provide a quick and effective means for firming the vaginal muscles.

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This simple over the counter tightening cream works in minutes to give you that extra tightness so you can apply it just prior to having sex.

Using V-Tight in combination with other tightening programs like kegels is the perfect means to get you on the way to not only being tighter, but keeping your vag permanently tight.

Many women have tried this tightening cream and love it. You can check out their reviews here.

The Ultimate Tightening Plan Should Also Include:

  • Kegel Exercises – This involves contracting and releasing the groin muscles. You should contract the muscle for a period of 10 seconds and then you release them. This should be repeated at least 15 times a set. Do 3-4 sets per session. Another way of performing this exercise is when you urinate. During urination you could contract the muscles and hold the urine for five seconds, then release.
  • Healthy Eating – A diet full of fruits and vegetables combined with kegel exercises will help restore the loose vaginal walls by providing your body with the necessary nutritional aspects to enhance muscle grow.


You don’t need to suffer in silence because there is help out there for you. We’ve given you a list of the best natural methods of tightening a loose vagina after birth. All you need to do is take action and do something about it!

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Best At Home Remedies To Tighten Your Vagina Walls Quickly

A vast majority of women around the globe suffer from the agony of a stretched vagina. A sagging vagina is known to result in a number of problems such as incontinence, reduced sexual pleasure for both partners, and delayed orgasm due to reduced friction between the vagina and the penis.

When a woman feels that her vagina is becoming loose, more often than not her sexual pleasure will reduce and she won’t be able to achieve orgasm. The great news, however, is that there a number of cures from home that can help restore the tightness of the vagina.

bottle of v-tight cream

V-Tight Gel

If you are looking for a simple solution that doesn’t involve visiting a specialty store to locate these specific ingredients you should give V-Tight Gel a try. It contains almost all of these at home cures into one bottle and provides immediate results

Strengthen And Toning Exercises

The most natural way to tighten your vagina is to strengthen the vaginal muscles with exercise. Just as any other part of your body where you want to build up strength and muscle tissue, the vagina should be no different. If you want to have strong pelvic floor muscles (ie. more intense orgasms!!!) than you need to workout these muscles.

How to Do Kegel Exercises 16 Steps

Kegel Exercsies

Their unique approach of targeting the pelvic floor muscles make them the perfect exercise for vaginal tightening.


Vaginal Cone Weights

This can be done easily with a mix of vaginal cones and kegel exercises. You want to give them a try?

ben wa tightening balls
ben wa tightening balls

Ben Wa Balls

These ancient vaginal strengtheners and sensation simulators have been around for decades.

vagina tightening exercises

3 Must Do Vag Exercises

We cut right through the fat and show you exactly what three exercises you need to be doing to firm up those vaginal muscles.

Herbal Firming Techniques

There are many different herbal remedies that you can make at home to improve the strength of your vagina. We are giving you a list of the most well known. We are going to tell you what actually works and what simply doesn’t. You get the real scientific facts! Good or bad we want you to know what you should use and what you should avoid at all costs. Let’s take a look below!


Gooseberry Mash

This remedy contains high concentration of vitamin C which is essential in strengthening pelvic floor muscles.


Mint Leaves

Mint leaves are tender herbs with gentle stems and are effective in tightening vaginal walls, especially when used in a stem bath.


Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a clinically proven remedy for tightening a loose vagina. Its astringent properties give immediate tightening effects.


Curcuma Comosa

This remedy is known to contain estrogenic effects and increase the effectiveness of ovarian hormone.


Alum Powder

Alum powder is found in many vaginal tightening products. It’s got an astringent property that works to tighten the skin.


Black Cohosh

The natural plant is packed full of phytoestrogens that are great for the female body and estrogen production.

Pueraria Mirifica

Pueraria Mirifica

Pueraria Mirifica contains high content of estrogen which works to thicken the walls of the vagina and strengthen your muscles.


Oak Gall

Oak Gall is effective in contracting the pelvic floor muscles and at the same time rejuvenating the nerves in the vagina…


Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV can be successful at tightening the vagina. There are many different ways, such as baths, douching, and oral.


Castor Oil

This essential oil is used for numerous medical ailments and skin nourishing remedies. It’s many anti-bacterial traits.


Lemon and Lime Juice

The fresh scent of these citrus fruits makes them desirable for inclusion in some of the most popular skin creams and gels.


Witch Hazel

This plant has a large supply of phytoestrogens, tannin, and phenols. All of these are linked to vaginal health and rejuvenation.

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Top Over The Counter Vaginal Dryness And Tightening Creams

Vaginal dryness is a condition that affects women mostly in their menopause or post-menopause periods. However, inadequate vaginal lubrication can occur at any age.

This condition is a characteristic sign of atrophic vaginitis, commonly referred to as vaginal atrophy, which is the thinning and inflammation of walls of the vagina caused by reduction in estrogen.

An Overview of Vaginal Dryness

Causes of Vaginal Dryness

Symptoms of Vaginal Dryness

Over The Counter Tightening and Lubrication Gel

Home Remedies

Helpful Tips

To sum up, vaginal dryness is usual with more than half of women after their menopause. However, a smaller number of women may suffer from vaginal dryness before their menopause arrives.

Although embarrassing, this is a condition that can be aptly contained by following the right remedies as well as discussing it with your partner and gynecologist, two people who really matter in helping you regain your health and confidence.

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